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Tandi's Naturals Concentrated Tallow Laundry Soap Refill in Citrusy Trio

Laundry Soap Refill - Citrusy Trio

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About this item:

This rice paper bag refill contains 28 oz. of ultra-concentrated laundry soap. That’s enough for 38 regular or 77 HE* loads of wash. This ultra-concentrated, color safe soap is made by powdering Lancaster County tallow soap with earth friendly cleaning aids.

This is a great alternative to "baby" brand washing detergents. Absolutely safe for your diapers and everything baby related.

How to Use:

Add 1 tablespoon or 1 wooden scoop (included with each glass jar) to running water. Please note that there will be variances in the soap "crumbles" as this product is made with human hands. Before first use, give it a good shake and mix it up. Do not use on silk. Do not mix with chlorine bleach.

Our Formula:

This concentrated laundry soap is gluten free, earth friendly, sulfate free, phosphate free, and paraben free.

All of our products are processed entirely by hand from start to finish. From measuring ingredients to putting the labels on the jars and bars, it’s all done by hand. All of our products are made from food-grade oils and all-natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Laundry soap (Lancaster County tallow, water, and lye), sodium percarbonate (oxygenated bleach) , sodium bicarbonate, washing soda, pure essential oils (unless unscented)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lindsey Yoder
Been using for 6 years, love it

Title says it all. We love this laundry soap and will continue to purchase the refill packs to use with our original jar.

love this laundry soap— my fav

love buying these small batch human-made products and it works very well! The citrus scent is a great option for me! Also makes a great gift for family/friends who are indecisive about finding a natural alternative. This laundry soap is a winner! Highly recommend.

Natalie Grace
Cleans in cold water nicely and smells great

I wash my clothes in cold water and this detergent does a great job cleaning my clothes and it smells great

sodium percarbonate is not bleach

Sodium percarbonate is sodium carbonate (aka washing soda) bonded with hydrogen peroxide. Is is a water softener and stain lifter. It's the basis of the product "Oxyclean", which has additional toxic ingredients.

I LOVE sodium percarbonate because by itself it is a non-toxic cleaning agent. Tandi's label suggests it is oxygenated 'bleach', which it is not. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite and is extremely toxic. Even though people use bleach all the time, it's super toxic to biological life in our waterways, and can actually cause, not just exacerbate, asthma-especially in children.

Michelle Murphy
Love this stuff

Works great 😌