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Bulk Laundry Soap

Bulk Laundry Soap

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About this item:

This bulk box contains enough laundry soap for 546 HE loads (or 273 loads in older style machines). This ultra-concentrated, color safe soap is made by powdering tallow soap with earth friendly cleaning aids.

This is a great alternative to "baby" brand washing detergents. Absolutely safe for your diapers and everything baby related.

How to Use:

200 oz. bulk box. Add 1 tablespoon or 1 wooden scoop (included with each glass jar) to running water. Please note that there will be variances in the soap "crumbles" as this product is made with human hands. Before first use, give it a good shake and mix it up. Do not use on silk. Do not mix with chlorine bleach.

Our Formula:

This concentrated laundry soap is gluten free, earth friendly, sulfate free, phosphate free, and paraben free.

All of our products are processed entirely by hand from start to finish. From measuring ingredients to putting the labels on the jars and bars, it’s all done by hand. All of our products are made from food-grade oils and all-natural ingredients.

Laundry soap (Lancaster County tallow, water, and lye), oxygen bleach, sodium bicarbonate, washing soda, pure essential oils (unless unscented)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The BEST Laundry Soap

I have tried so many "natural" laundry detergents and soaps in my quest to remove toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances from our home. We've been using this soap for three years now and it is fabulous. When we have very stinky items to wash I add some vinegar but for the most part this does the trick on its own in cold, warm or hot water!

Faith W.
It really works! Clean laundry at a very reasonable price

I had been buying the individual laundry soap packages, but after a few times I realized this bulk order is much cheaper. The soap works very well, it often gets out many stains and leaves the clothes always smelling fresh. We have a skin allergy in our family and I love the minimal ingredients. The laundry soap also lasts a very long time as I only use 2 tablespoons per load. I think this bulk order will last literally years.

Great for the whole family

We bought it originally for my son with eczema. Now we use it for the whole family. Citrusy Trio is our favorite scent, very light.

Effective and natural

This is the first “natural” brand of laundry detergent that actually gets my clothes clean. With others like 7th generation or Mrs. Myers, the clothes would start to smell no matter how many times they were washed. With Tandi’s, they just smell clean with no heavy fragrance scent.
Also, I love the option to buy bulk because it makes the laundry soap more affordable. I bought the jar and scoop first and now refill it.

LOVE the unscented Laundry powder!

I LOVE Tandi's unscented laundry powder!

Pros: Supporting local business. Great natural product that works well for everyone (baby-safe) - it has been very gentle for my sensitive skin/allergy-prone household as well as effectively cleaning all colors and white clothing. Better on the environment than most - you can order their glass jar initially and simply re-order bulk packs of the powdered soap to refill your jar. It also comes with a wooden scoop that makes measuring easy. We have an older agitator washer that I pour the powder directly into the wash basin area, so I can't speak to HE washers, but I don't see it having an issue. We do several loads of laundry each week, and the jar's volume has lasted us 4-6months at about 1 scoop per load.

Cons: These things are not an issue for me, but I'm sure someone out there might disagree. It is a powder, and I find it dissolves well if the water is at least lukewarm temperature. If you're doing cold wash only, it might not dissolve as well by nature of the product (no bad stuff fillers). The soap (unscented) has a very light, slightly peppery smell that I notice when scooping from the jar, but no funny smells once the clothes have been washed. I am told I have an over-sensitive nose, so you might not even notice. If you have extra tough dirt and stains, it's not quite as rough as the commercial (chemical-based) brands, but I've used Sonnett's gall soap on stains and then washed in this and it's gotten out some serious stains quite nicely. While it's great for most general clothing fabric materials, if you have silk or wool, you'll need something different. Last, but not least, it's not the cheapest thing out there... it's definitely higher quality, and worth the price in my opinion.